RGP – Highways Consultants

We have worked with RGP for a number of years on very difficult access and road design problems and have found them very knowledgable, experienced and highly motivated. Many difficult issues have been dealt with quickly and efficiently.

RGPs team of qualified technicians deal consistently well with our commissions. Most of the sites on our projects page have had input from RGP with great success.

RGP is a transport planning consultancy celebrating its 15th year in 2016. RGP has advised public sector clients and private developers on a range of land uses across the UK, although the work has predominantly been in the south-east of England, where we have good working relationships with officers across the Highway Authorities. RGP has a team of 25 Transport Planners and Civil Engineers across its two main offices in Godalming, Surrey and Chichester, West Sussex.

RGP specialises in assisting its developer clients on securing planning permission by working closely with all parties within the process. RGP’s experience and expertise has proven successful across the development spectrum, including residential, retail, leisure, office, distribution and industrial projects, education and healthcare, and mixed use schemes. RGP has also worked on all stages of project from site promotion, as part of an emerging Local Plan, through to implemented of the project by detailed design of S278 and S38 highway works and site supervision. RGP has also recently expanded to offer Flood Risk Assessments to its clients.

RGP takes pride in its experience as transport planning and infrastructure design consultants, renowned for consistently achieving development and infrastructure solutions that save its clients’ money, add value, and protect their interests. This philosophy and the application of technical guidance with flare and innovation generates effective and valuable transport planning solutions.

RGP tackles the most demanding of development projects, whether large or small, providing its clients with a bespoke service ensuring quality and consistency of work is never compromised.